10 Ridiculous Quotes That Have Spewed Out of Donald Trump’s Mouth

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Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth, a little more garbage falls out of it.  It’s hard to believe that people take ‘the king of greed’ serious.  He’s the kind of guy that will say anything to get in America’s pants.  Let’s take a look at some of the ridiculous quotes that he has given us during his campaign.  Some of these are sure to tickle your funny bone while others will leave you speechless.


1. Donald recently made a reference to his penis size.  That is super professional for a presidential candidate.  The following quote came as a response to a joke by his rival Marco Rubio.

Donald Trump Brags About Size

If you had something big down there, there’s no need to confirm it twice buddy.


2. Donald recently refused to condemn white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan master, David Duke.  Racist much Donald?

Donald Trump Defensive Over David Duke

Okay Donald, we get it you don’t know.  Just spit it out next time Porky Pig.  It’s not too difficult to read between the lines on that one Donnie.


3. Moving right along, Donald discusses how poorly educated voters in Nevada helped him win the caucus.

I love the poorly educated

Oh Donald, it doesn’t matter who’s voting as long as you get the vote right?


4. In Iowa, he recently condoned violence at one of his rallies.

I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees

Haha don’t worry people, Donald has your back!


5. The circus continued when two audience members tackled a protester in South Carolina.  This was ‘The Donald’s’ response:

Trump invites two fans on stage at South Carolina rally

Donald just loves his violence.


6. When making a recent reference to Hillary Clinton, Donald broke out some Yiddish slang.

Donald Trump's Another Comment on Hillary Clinton

7. Someone was actually stupid enough to bring up 9/11 around Donald.  That is a cardinal sin.  He made this accusation.

I saw people cheering as the WTC came down

Everything is a joke to Donald.  He’s a much better reality TV star than a politician.


8. Donald loves to insult women.  He gave us this golden nugget as a backlash to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly because she asked him a question.  How dare she do that!

Trump Blood Comment on Megyn Kelly

To his credit, that joke is a little funny.  The feminist movement in America is just as bad as Trump.  Now this is a good idea for a Reality TV Show, Trump v Feminists: Total Anarchy.  Someone write up a deal for that show and send it here.  if you attempt to steal the idea, remember there’s a date on this article.


9. Another funny joke by Donald about politician John McCain was this:

Donald Trump Comment on John McCain

When someone makes enough jokes, some of them are bound to be funny. Donald is shooting 2 for 9 so far.


10. The following shot hit nothing but net, when he referred to Hillary Clinton yet again.

Donald Trump Comment on Hillary Clinton

There’s no denying that Donald has his moments of hilariousness, but that doesn’t make him a suitable candidate for president.  If we were voting for the most ridiculous rich man in America, he could easily win that vote.

donald trump's hair

Needless to say, the other candidates aren’t much better.  If Trump wins, the nation will not become more organized.  Once he gets in and the reality of responsibility comes landing on his lap, he’s not going to like it.  Have fun while the comedy show lasts Donald, at least you are having a good time now!

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