Make Sure These Spring Break Destinations Are Not on Your List

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Well, it’s that time of year again to go buckwild with your friends on Spring Break.  Do you want to make this year better than ever before?  Yes of course you do.  That is why we are providing you with this list of places not to go.  Everyone knows it’s easy to fall into tourist traps, but don’t be one of the people who falls for the trap, okay!  Now feast your eyes on this list of places to steer clear of this Spring Break.


1. Honolulu, HI

If you go to Hawaii please I beg you not to go to Honolulu.  It is the most westernized place on the island and offers the least Hawaiian experience.  If you go to Hawaii, check out the Big Island or Kauai or even Maui.  These places have more Hawaiian culture intact and that is the pure beauty of taking a trip to Hawaii.  If you check out the Kona side of the big island, there are a ton of beaches that will blow your mind including Magic Sands.

bad spring break ideas

Looks really tropical right?


2. Cancun, Mexico

The king of spring break cliche places to visit is Cancun.  Come on people there is a whole globe to discover so stay the heck out of Cancun!  These days Mexico is flooded with danger from the cartel.  Have fun avoiding kidnapping, robberies and gun battles.  Maybe if you are the Sundance Kid this is a great place, but for normal people steer clear.



3. Jamaica

Yahh mon let’s go to Jah Maka and get some ganja.  Good luck finding any quality stuff or safety while embarking on that venture.  Smoking marijuana is illegal in Jamaica and the same guy who sold it to you will have no problem turning you into the police.  It’s one love mon.

worst spring break destinations


4. Clearwater City, Florida

Think again before getting all excited about the word FLORIDA.  It’s really not that exciting at all people.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  Clearwater has the highest population of senior citizens in the state.  Considering Florida is known for its senior citizen population, the number in Clearwater must be staggering.  By all means go to Clearwater, hold some doors for some old ladies, maybe you will finally get lucky and score a gilf.


5. Daytona Beach, Florida

Yes that’s right, Florida is such a bad state for spring break that it makes this list twice.  Every year, people hit up Daytona Beach thinking that it’s a great place to go and every year more crime occurs.  This place doesn’t get the title “Florida’s Rape Capital” for nothing and oh yeah, it’s one of the worst place for shark attacks in the world.  Have a blast kids we won’t worry about you this Spring Break.bad spring break destinations daytona beach florida


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