Get Ready for Cuteness Overload Because It’s Cat and Dog BFF Time

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Everyone and their mother is obsessed with cat gifs these days.  Let’s face it, even manly men have to think little kittens are cute.  Now combine those little furry creatures with man’s best friend and cuteness overload occurs.

Buyer beware, the following photos may cause you to make strange noises with your mouth upon viewing them.  Good luck!

The Shetland Sheepdog and Kitty Friend

cat and dog bff


Pure bliss has encapsulated this kitty while holding onto her dear friend.  The proud Sheltie embraces the kitty unlike any Sheltie before him.  Maybe he will teach the cat how to be a Shepard someday.


“All Along the Watchtower”

cat and dog bff

This gives the classic tune “All Along the Watchtower” a whole new meaning.  Bob Dylan would surely be proud if he saw this spectacle.  If the little dog climbed up onto that perch, impressive work little guy!  We must also applaud the cameraman for getting 4 animals to stare into the camera at the same moment.


Cuteness Overload Defined

spooning cat and dog bff

Okay this one is off the charts of the cuteness meter.  Considering that looks like a kitten, this must not be a case of the cat thinking she has a baby in the form of a dog.  This is just one of those moments of pure bliss that we rarely see in life.  Soak it up little guys, you’re making the world a better place!


The Gentle Giant

great dane cat and dog bff

The gentle giant himself, the illustrious Great Dane.  He just came by to get a kiss from his little kitty friend.  It’s pretty obvious this is normal activity for these two lovebirds.  But be careful guys, that outlet behind you is about to have a full scale meltdown if one more watt of energy comes pumping out of it.


Fluffy Fur City

fluffy fure cat and dog bff

Welcome to the furriest city in the world, where white dogs and orange cats hug to form creamsicles.  With all that white fluff it’s easy to see why the kitty wants to bury its head in it.


The Nurse Cat

cat and sick dog bff

There has never been a cat who cared more about his best friend.  With all that love, the dog will get back on its paws in no time.


Cuddle Buddies

cat and dog bff

This poor little Australian Shepard got into the wrong bag and ate some concrete mix. That’s when his cat BFF came in to help the healing move along so to speak.

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