Ultimate College Hacks That Will Dramatically Increase Your Productivity

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College is stressful enough.  It’s your first time living on your own with a ton of new responsibilities.  Yes partying is fun, but your grades are actually important.  Whether your parents are paying for you or you’re taking out student loans, it’s important to perform well.  The stupidest thing you can do is waste all that money by failing and extending your college career.  You won’t look cool or feel at home as a sixth year senior.  Now stop believing in Van Wilder and put these tips to use.

Soup Up Your Nightly Bowl of Ramen

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Knowing how to cook is sexy, use this skill to your advantage to pick up all those hotties on campus.  If you whip up one of these, you will become the king of Ramen.  Just make sure your friends aren’t around to cramp your style.  Plus, you may finally get some nutritional value to feed your overworked brain.

Use Free Online Tools to Your Advantagebest college tools

With the wealth of free tools on the internet, you should have no problem writing a great paper or finding information for your research.  For example, capitalizemytitle.com will actually capitalize your title for you.  There are a ton of tools like these you can find by doing a quick Google search.  It’s not hard kids, put down the can of Busch Light and start thinking outside of the box.

Optimize Your Desk Space

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If your desk looks anything like this not only have you killed your level of production, but you’ve created a fire hazard.  Instead optimize your space by using proper mounting and filing.  If you are this lazy now, your life is going to be a long, long road of suck.  You know that guy you make fun of for being so organized?  Watch how much more successful that guy is than you.  Being cool in college doesn’t equate to squat once it’s all over.

Free Your Mind

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If you want to be successful in college and life, you will need to find ways to cope with stress.  The best way to ease your mind is through meditation.  Next time you are feeling overwhelmed and ready for a meltdown, take a minute to clear your mind with some healthy meditation.  There are tons of videos on Youtube with guided meditations that are high-quality and free.  Use these to your advantage, or you’ll end going bald by Junior year.

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