When Will Birdman and Lil Wayne Kiss and Makeup?

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Whatever happened to like father like son?  That was all just smoke and mirrors until money conflicts became involved.  This is a classic case of people using each other for their own gains.  Yeah, there were most likely moments of true love and affection between the two, but was money ever not involved in the relationship?  No.

What kind of true bond revolves only around money?  If you want it that way, call it business not father and son.  That’s exactly what their relationship has always been, a business.

Let’s summarize what happened here.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

First, Birdman sees a talented young rapper on the streets of New Orleans.  With his keen intuition, he is able to see this kid will become a star.

Second, he feeds the kid to make him stronger, while in the foreground he is milking other rappers for his own gain.

Third, Lil Wayne is slowly building his flow and skill level up over the years.  He does this by constantly being exposed to the rap scene.  Also, he was most likely always in the studio learning the tricks of the trade.

Fourth, after all that grooming, Wayne finally blossoms into his full potential becoming the best rapper on the planet at the time.  His career is connected to Birdman’s business.  This is when Birdman’s “investment” in the form of a human being paid big dividends.  More so than he ever imagined.

Fifth, Wayne becomes such a big star that once he put down his cup of lean, he realized that he outgrew the shackles Birdman put on him.

“I am a prisoner and so is my creativity,” Lil Wayne. “I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy … my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it.”

Sixth, a feud starts between the two because of Wayne’s realization that he has created most of Birdman’s success.  His newest album still hasn’t been released.  At the same time, he owes his success to Birdman.  This creates friction between the two.

Seventh, Birdman throws a drink on stage while Wayne is performing.  These are the kinds of childish acts that are committed during feuds.  Birdman has it all right?  Wrong.  Money doesn’t buy love and that’s all these relationships are about in the music industry, MONEY!

Eighth, Birdman finds a replacement rapper, Young Thug, to takeover for Lil Wayne.  If you don’t think Young Thug sounds like Lil Wayne, you’re crazy.  Not to take anything away from Young Thug, he is a great rapper with a unique style, but his whole flow is based off Lil Wayne’s.

In conclusion, Birdman looks a little empty inside.  Especially in the video for “Lifestyle.”  He seems to only go through the motions in the background and makes sure to advertise his liquor at the end.  All that money eats away at the soul.

It’s a shame too because when Birdman and Lil’ Wayne were getting along, they put out some great rap songs.  Now, the whole “relationship” is a big mess.  This just goes to show that relationships based on money are shallow.

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